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Exhibition-Edition Print (signed and framed)

Regular unframed/unsigned prints also available

Artist Residence: Detroit, Michigan

Size: 14 x 16 (framed)

From the Artist - What is Black Art

Black art is any person of African diaspora expressing themselves. It doesn’t matter the theme, story, meaning, or style. A Black realism artist is and a black artist using an abstract style is still black art. Any form of expression of Black people is Black art. My submissions depict black figures, black artists, and the black narrative from my own personal perspective and perspective of those around me.

About the Artist

Hello! Im Darian( She/They). I’m a visual artist based in Michigan. Currently I’m very involved in the art of collaging. The process of collaging is very therapeutic for me. I like to create collages from different sources such as online sources, photographs, books and magazines. My experiences from being a black, queer woman direct the art I create. I like to include images that resonate with me on a personal level. Overarching themes in my collages are storytelling, black culture/history, and personal experiences from my life.