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Hail the Queen


This artwork is an art billboard that celebrates the queen of the soul the and only Aretha Franklin. The color gold is for all of the great things she did in music and civil rights.

I was one of the chosen Detroit photographers who had the privilege of photographing Aretha's extravaganza birthday parties. When I heard she was passing. I wanted to add her to my social justice series “Prevalent “in her dedication. On August 15 the day before she passed away. Aretha's voice came to me in a dream and said my piece of artwork must be gold and red not black. If you going to add it to your Prevalent social justice series. Because all of the frames in that series are black. Then weeks later when her funeral happen her coffin was gold and she wore a red dress. All hale the queen.

Size- 46in x 21in
Mixed Media Photograph