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Rapunzel, Archival Matte Print

This is a print of my painting, "Rapunzel". It is printed on archival matte paper. The artwork is for a print 11 inches x 8 inches with an extra 1/2 inch white border around this size                                                                         Rapunzel Description: My work focuses on the manifestation of identity, particularly black identity. This identity always forms to show the consistently powerful presence of the black figure. I'm rewriting the narrative that western visual media has historically established by elevating black figures to the role of the protagonist. 
      There is a definite negative social identity that is imposed upon black youth when the media negates the idea of the "black hero". These pieces break free from this imposed identity and explore new ranges. It's important to see the black protagonist, the black leader, the black achiever. 
       This piece is reimagining rapunzel as a contemporary black female. Upon careful observation, this Rapunzel has conquered her own challenger and negated the savior mentality. The role of the infantized female hero is of the past. Traditionally the enforcement of women’s protection (such as rape under English common law) was only validated by their position as man’s property, but where does that leave undesired black women? This plane of intersectionality leaves them as the most undesired and marginalized group, black female bodies have been deemed worthless, unprotectable even as property. In this piece I wanted Repunzel to negate this position and look beyond a savior by gathering her own internal power to defeat her foe (as indicated by the grave marker).