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A print is a high quality reproduction of an original artwork printed on paper or canvas. A high-resolution photo is taken, then printed, for a lower cost option. 


Limited-Edition: Prints can be limited-edition, where only a certain number of prints are made. Limited edition prints are collectible and make a valuable addition to your art collection.

Open edition: Alternately referred to as “fine art prints”, these prints can be printed indefinitely. They are normally priced below originals and limited editions. These prints are perfect for the beginner art collector, and for anyone who just wants to have art in their environment at an affordable price point! 

Giclée print: Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) printing refers to a pigment-based inkjet printing process that produces a higher quality print than non-giclée or dye-based printing. With giclée, the ink is thicker than dye-based ink and adheres better to the paper or canvas.