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A Song of Love

Original Painting on Canvas

Artist Residence: South Africa

Size: 39 x 31.5 

From the Artist - What is Black Art

I think that Black Art is the expression of Black people's soul. It is a way for Black people to rewrite their History, to showcase their values.

About the Artist

Paul is is a very ambitious and a multipotent person. He is inspired by the socio-economic realities of everyday life in order to bring out neglected and forgotten values. In his works he always distance the Foreground from the Background. The Idea is to show how in life the Present time distances itself from the past. We cannot lay on the past to create a better present but we refer to the past to make a better present. He loves to paint people in motion, because he believes that life is movement and dynamic with man at the center. Life moves and changes in relation to place and time. He believes man moves and changes with it. For example, the color of an object is often constant, but its tone depends on the light. An object in a bluish environment will have a different color than in a reddish environment.