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Afrofuturism Meets AI II

Size (with frame): 19 x 19 inches

Price includes frame.

"Afrofuturusm Meets AI II" is a generative art piece, meaning it was created by the artist using code and artificial intelligence. The repo code used by the artist to create the piece is included as a certificate of authenticity.

From the Artist - What is Black Art? 

In this information age, the 'informatization of the body' has allowed artificial intelligence (AI) to codify, classify and manipulate virtual bodies to conform to the norm. For this project, I explore how Afrofuturism can be used to remove (or at least alleviate) the normative pressure that AI puts on non-normative bodies. Although with a few exceptions, the black experience has largely been invisible in AI datasets. It is time to explore the potentially synergistic relationship between Afrofuturism and contemporary AI by training generative AI algorithms to learn, adapt, and envision black futures that stem from Afro-diasporic experiences. 

About the Artist: 

Oz is a New York-born and Netherlands-based data scientist and self-taught AI artist. Oz teaches her algorithms to create modular, additive art systems that could grow and decay at their own pace over the course of the day. Through this process, Oz explores the relationship between the human mind and the machine. Oz experiments with three categories of human-machine relationships 1) Humans in the loop (human involvement is required) 2) Humans on the loop (the machine does bulk of the work, but humans are required to monitor the process) and 3) Humans out of the loop (no human involvement). By learning to construct and control the machine, Oz explores how creative algorithms can be used to bring about subtle changes in the thinking, feelings, and behavior of the observer. Oz is a 2020 Mozilla fellow. Oz’s artwork has been featured in Identity 2.0 Blackness and AI (Leicester,UK) , ASCUS: The Primordial Soup Exhibition (Edinburgh, Scotland) , The ZZJ Sculpture Studio (Beijing, China) and the Quantified Self Conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands).