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Compromising Beauty

I named this piece "COMPROMISING BEAUTY" because it did not look like this originally. For a couple of years, it looked different, until I got the urge to add to the piece. It was beautiful before I added to it and changed the outer appearance. However, when I went to retrieve the original version, I couldn't find it and went as far as to think it was taken from me. Someone mentioned that I might have painted over it, because I sometimes do that when I run out of canvas and have too much time to gaze at a piece of my artwork. I eventually went into my photos on my computer and realized that I had painted over it. The piece was so beautiful before, but I thought that it needed improvement, and I compromised the original beauty of the peace by trying to add more beauty to it, and in the process, changed it from its original glory. So, although this piece is beautiful, I compromised the original by stealing its true beauty underneath. What's underneath the paint you see is just as beautiful as what's on the surface.

I usually name my pieces sometime after I deem them completed, and that can be anywhere from a week or so, to a few weeks or months. I did not do that with this piece. I only named it sometime after I had compromised its beauty. I am allowed time for naming because I use oil paint to create my pieces mostly. Oil takes longer to dry. In some cases, it can take up to a year for a piece to dry.