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Concrete Colors "In The Midst Of Fall"

0My art represents love of all kinds, but in addition to love my art has to do with conversation or communication. Painting for me offers an opportunity to express my words via the brush, the paint and the canvas. Oftentimes, we have family or friends that we find it difficult to communicate for one reason or another, and for me.... that happens to be a person close to me. This person seems to have a difficult time communicating with me when it matters, so I find that many times I am left with words unsaid, while they can unleash a barrage of words towards me, which leaves me incomplete in expressing my point of view. This can be disheartening and defeating.... leaving the one who is to speak feeling validated and confirmed and leaving me feeling like escaping. So, I paint. Painting comes easy to me despite the need to do so after a conversation goes awry. However, I find that I am much more connected to the emotions that make me happy, and sooth my soul when I paint. So, I keep painting. 

This piece reminds me of a fall day when the leaves are turning and falling from the trees. Concrete can mean many things in this collection, but it always means solid and strong. The fall colors once they arrive are here to stay until the last leaf falls and the winter's snow covers up all trees and colorful leaves left to blow about. We know this to be a true solid statement because it happens year after year. I believe it the trees and leaves could talk we would know so much more about people and the lives they live and the stories that have but keep to themselves. The leaves on the trees are like 'the fly on the wall', once they leave the branch they manage to turn up in many indoor places where people congregate and communicate.

I usually name my pieces sometime after I deem them completed, and that can be anywhere from a week or so, to a few weeks or months. I am allowed time for naming because I use oil paint to create my pieces mostly. Oil takes longer to dry. In some cases, it can take up to a year for a piece to dry.

Painting size and frame: 36WX48HX1.5DEPTH medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1-1/2" profile kiln dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spline
Edges of Painting: Painted (you can opt not to have a traditional frame because all four edges are painted)
Certificate of Authenticity: Included
Signature: Back, Side