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Printed Reproduction (with frame)

Artist residence: Houston, TX

Size: 12 x 16 (with frame)

From the Artist - What is Black Art

Black Art is the representation and expression of our culture, experiences, ambitions, and dreams. Black Art can show the good, the bad, and the ugly. It should not be limited to “the struggle” but should represent how rich we are in the things that makes us unique and often replicated. I feel that when people view Black Art, they should feel immersed in the representation that is before them even relatable to some degree and in the same sentence, Black Art can be complex and thought provoking. 


Donna was a beautiful model I ran across in Pexel. STUNNING. What grabbed my attention the most was her FACE and the fact that she was covered from head to toe. So often are our black women sexualized from childhood onward. It's in the media, in our music, and in the sickest of minds. However, seeing this beauty that made me literally stop scrolling gave me a bit of hope that THIS is still accepted. Everything doesn't have to be about sex or having all your glory on display. Black women are DIVINE. Meaning straight from God and I mean that in the most sincere way. We have gifts that are often replicated by others because they admire us. Whether they admit or not, the full lips, high cheekbones, dark eyes, and melanated skin is enough to bring the strongest to their knees. This I know! We don't have to take our clothes off to be loved and accepted. Donna is BEAUTIFUL. WE are beautiful. I hope that my Black Art is seen for what it is. Even without the story or background. Hate it or love it. This is my experience.

About the Artist

My name is Heather Sportsman. I am an artist, arts educator, and a wife. I am inspired by the gift I have been given from God himself and by the love that I have for this gift. I am aware that not everyone has an artistic ability and I do not take mine for granted. I honestly just love creating and sharing my talent with others. I've been drawing and painting since I was about four years old. My parents nurtured that and were always supportive of my art endeavors. I've dealt with a lot of hardships as a child and as an adult. However, art was always my safe place and something I was good at. Getting lost in those moments of creation and inspiration are still rejuvenating for me. Creating is like the first breath you take after holding it in for so long.... I NEED to do it and I HAVE to do it. My art tells a story of my life experiences. From being a little black girl unaccepted by others because I was different, my faith and love of God, and my appreciation for people who are not readily accepted. I hope my gift shines bright and draws people of all backgrounds to hear my story.