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Finding Fathers

Original Painting on Canvas

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Size : 48 x 56 inches

From the Artist - What is Black Art

I believe Black art is much like any other art in that it has a specific purpose (representation, narrative, aesthetic, etc) but it differently greatly in that it is influenced by the essence of a people who have gone through so much in history and recent days. This “struggle” is then used along with a variety of creativity and skills black artist possesses to create something aiming at those latter mentioned purposes. My art too has purpose influenced by Black artist before me (Norman Lewis, Kerry James Marshall, Basquiat) and the “struggles” as I lived in the twin cities through the George Floyd Protest and Chauvin trials and experiencing life as a black male in a predominantly white state. The piece presented illustrate my experience as a Black artist persevering through the “struggle”.

About the Artist

In my artistic practice I seek to create a tension between the figure and color (light). These two broad subject have taken many forms throughout art history which make my art a ripple of a ripple in a sea yet, what I offer is my humble experience as a Black artist. My identity no matter how detached my creativity experiment raises to the surface for myself and others to interpret, enjoy and see. My individual story has been full of ups and down providing me a twofold way of seeing things for their philosophical good and bad. In my pieces I visualizes these philosophical concepts (mortality, life purpose, individuation) with symbols, color, collage and figures.