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Focus-Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Print.


Art in its’ most simplistic nature is a form of communication. And as an artist, I have had to decide what I want to convey through my art. And after 13 years of creating, everyday life has continued to be my inspiration. Fundamentally, that may seem simplistic; but life is profoundly complex and intricate. I am drawn to capturing the complexity of the everyday experience. Life has led me through a unique journey to art. I discovered my love for art early on because my father is also an artist. I grew up appreciating art in its’ many forms. I also grew up respecting the dedication and hustle it takes to be an artist as I watched my father complete projects. Watching my father, “the everyday guy”, follow his love for art helped me discover my own. As I explored my love for art, the “everyday person” is what drew me to being a portrait artist. I found that capturing the essence of someone is difficult but that challenge is what drives my creativity. But beyond the challenge of capturing people, it is also the challenge of capturing a moment and recreating it through my viewpoint as an artist. The “everyday person” has various social identities that intersect in shaping us into who we are. And my identity as a black woman has influenced my artistry. It has been important to me as a black woman to take moments in my art to celebrate the beauty and sophistication that black women embody. Beyond that, I also highlight Black culture and community in my pieces because those are facets of my life that have molded me into the person I am which inherently shapes my lens as an artist. The beauty of the “everyday person” is that we are never just one or two things. We are multi-dimensional. So though my art is influenced by my blackness, it does not define it. It is just one of the many lens I explore when creating. My goal is to create art that is timeless. And by creating art based on everyday life, my art expands overtime as life is my muse.
As a Black artist, I consider Black art any and everything I create. The beauty of it is that it does not solely fit in one category or type of medium. The three pieces I chose to submit each represent something different: creativity, positive representation and social justice.