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Gee nti I (listen I )

Gee nti I (listen I) is the first piece in the Gee nti series titled in Igbo and translates to LISTEN I In English.  
Gee nti I is about a girl child who is lost in her imagination, embracing an imaginary person with so much passion. She is calm and feels safe embracing this imaginary person and wouldn’t want the moment to be over yet.
Asides from bringing to life the margical moments children often have , it also highlights the missing fragments in the lives of many Blacks in Africa and in the diaspora. If we must be regarded as equals in our world, then we must learn to embrace ourselves in all entirety. 
We must identify with our culture, food, religion and way of live, and shouldn’t compromise on any of this because of colonial influence. Taking a closer look at the painting you would see the whole figure forming the map of Africa.  This reaffirms the possibilities of Africa being self sufficient and sustainable if only we can embrace ourselves in all entirety.