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18 x 22
Original Artwork on Wood

We came to this. “ new world” as captured Queens.  We have always shown our inner spirit to be that of strength, grace and beauty and upheld that essence through turmoil and pain..This vision is a dream of the women who arrived in the Caribbean.  They were forced to intermingle with Europeans. The original people of the Caribbean were eliminated by the  European plan to control the area for their own economic means.They took the islands of the Caribbean  to stage the transatlantic slave trade, to grow, sugar, to increase their wealth through coopting the culture they found.  This woman is an illustration of the  pride of survival.  Never forgetting her origins ,teaching them to her family generation by generation,  I see this in the intense practice of the ancient religions and the strong Afro Cuban culture of music, art and literature. 


Greta Chapin-McGill is a seasoned DMV artist and graduate of Howard University, where she studied art History and painting. She believes the narrative of one’s art is a living document, evolving in phases. Feminism silently and most profoundly influences her work, where she is most driven to tell the story through the eyes of a Black American woman, a feminist and global citizen. Her work is abstractly real and her techniques are driven by classical art , indigenous tribal art and a mysterious ancestral DNA.