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This piece is influenced by the multi-layer standards of self that people, particularly black women, face. The intersectionality of being a Black woman is heavily subjected to pressure to conform and social ideology (oppression of whiteness or the highest cultural power in society). This piece signifies this with a collage of shapes—one interpretation resembles a suggestive position with the arms behind the head. The face takes inspiration from lady justice by using the blind eyes. The lack of facial features speaks to a blank slate in which people project themselves onto another, restricting the ability of that population to be their authentic selves.

Savior is from Chicago, IL and currently based in Saint Paul, MN. He has been a developing artist for three years but drew his entire life. He started taking his art more seriously when he attempted to write philosophy. He realized he was ill equipped to use words to represent his experience in a more objectively digestible way, and instead, found that he could develop his own visual language to beautifully illustrate his experience or philosophy. Since then, Savior has devoted his time to developing his artistic lexicon "here is my singular response, as an individual raised around this flawed society."