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ICELAND "Blue Frozen Underground Water"

As you may know, many times I do not paint from a place of knowing, knowing what I want to paint, knowing what colors I want to use, where to start on the canvas. I just gather some paint together with brushes, the easel, the canvas and other supplies and I just start painting. I look at it like whatever will be will be. I do believe that I paint from feeling every time I paint whether I know what the feeling is readily or not. This is one of those paintings. I named this painting some time afterward it was completed. I observed the piece over a period of time and decided to call it “The Call B4 The STORM” because the small section on the right vertical side of the canvas looks like blue skies, and the larger portion of the canvas is wrestling with various dancing colors while trying to catch up to the calmness in the sky, but it can’t…. because the calm skies are too far ahead, so the storm remains behind the calm as the calm blue skies lead the way. In my mind, the only way for the STORM to catch up and become one with the calm blue sky is to relax and become calm itself. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Painting’s frame: medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1-1/2" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spline

Edges of Painting: Painted (frame may not be necessary depending on your preference)
Certificate of Authenticity: Included
Signature: Possibly on the Back, Side or front depending on my preference (I like for customers to have an option of hanging a piece vertical or horizontal and this is the reason I prefer to sign the sides and/or the back of the canvas)