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“Vulnerability is sometimes viewed as an undesirable trait in a man. To define him as weak. When I found my muse for this painting (a young man with vitiligo), I found that we not only get judged for not being strong but also solely based on our skin. I find that there is such immense beauty in accepting your vulnerability and the skin you live in. This challenges the viewer to consider what true beauty really means and how we can find strength within that meaning. The mangos represent both mine and the subjects Haitian decent.

His Words:
"Life as a black man with Vitiligo has had its own set of challenges. There was a point in time where I wanted my skin to look "normal." However, the "normal" that I wanted still made me a target in the eyes of the system. Growing up I was told, "don't walk in the streets with my hoodie on, don't touch anything I'm not buying, don't leave the house without an ID, etc." It's sad that these are the precautions that were needed so that I could live to see another day. Enough is enough and changes in the systems need to happen."
- Yves 

Acrylic on Canvas 
18x36 (inches)