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MONACO 'What A Blue Brew, Light The Way"

As you may know, many times I do not paint from a place of knowing, knowing what I want to paint, knowing what colors I want to use, where to start on the canvas. I just gather some paint together with brushes, the easel, the canvas and other supplies and I just start painting. I look at it like whatever will be will be. I do believe that I paint from feeling every time I paint whether I know what the feeling is readily or not. This is one of those paintings.

I named this painting some time afterward it was completed. i observed the piece for a while and began to think about a garden and did some research. MONACO is one of the many places that I would love to go see, and I plan to go there one day. There is a garden on a cliff called "The Exotic Garden of Monaco" and this reminded me of it. I imagine myself dancing and prancing around (not too much it is on a cliff :)) I also think of financial freedom and the luxury living with the beautiful views. I can imagine myself looking at the water, the homes, people moving all about from that cliff garden. That's part of what I imagine and think about when I look at this painting.

Painting’s frame: 36WX48HX1.5DEPTH medium-weight cotton duck stretched around 1-1/2" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars and held in place with a flexible spline

Edges of Painting: Painted (frame may not be necessary depending on your preference)
Certificate of Authenticity: Included
Signature: Possibly on the Back, Side or front depending on my preference (I like for customers to have an option of hanging a piece vertical or horizontal and this is the reason I prefer to sign the sides and/or the back of the canvas)