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Peace Belongs to Me


The Black woman is a case study. She’s drawing from a resiliency and strength.

She distorted by the society. And one day this by the art, she pushes true stands, tall above every down. So told her she intimidates our limitations. She is Black. She's bold. She is beautiful Glorious and blessed. She is a fighter. She has no limits. She has the sky. She has strength and power you can't deny from our wounds. 


Oluwatimilehin Oni (Timi Light), is a contemporary visual artist who works in IB city, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile ife with a B.A degree in Fine and Applied arts. From personal/life experiences and happenings in his community, Timi draws his inspiration, depicting ups and downs of life through most of his distorted, yet full of hope and colorful images. Timi also focuses on the beauty, strength and resiliency of the Black body and soul. He intends to engage his viewers' imaginative strength with how some of his figures are intentionally distorted and placed in a way that one will have to complete the omitted part in their head.