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The Lady with Red

Original Painting on Canvas (Framed)

Artist Residence: Nigeria 

Size: 22 x 24 (comes with frame)

From the Artist - What is Black Art

Black Art is a shared creative experience. It is an art produced by African or African affiliated  artists through African cultural experience. Some black artists use their political and resistance  ideologies to project black art while some artists use traditional activities to promote the  potentials of African relevance and contributions to global economic activities. 

About the Artist

Omoyeni's style of painting can be termed “Impressionism Abstract.” This is evident in her rendition of abstract figures, line, painting facial emotion forms with beautiful brushlines strokes mostly in oil, Acrylic and watercolor, on canvases and Paper.. 

Arogunmati's abstractive and expressive forms often illustrate the presence of women in the  world and the world around her. With painting at the centre of her practises, Arogunmati often paints from memory merging bold colours with figurative aspects. Other Paintings Depict The African woman against dense red and purples of sunrise, with a sandy texture in the foreground. Her portraits hope to elevate the presence of women, significantly in places where they are not heard or seen. Omoyeni has participated in several major exhibitions and some of her works are in private collections at home and abroad of which her works adorn theEmbassy of Irish office in Abuja, Nigeria.