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The Reflection of Floyd

Medium: Multi-media collage on wood canvas 
Dimensions: 39 in x 73 in

“The reflection of Floyd” is a work of visual criminology depicting the reality of police brutality. The reflection of Floyd has the viewer interact with the piece in a visceral way by reflecting the viewer's reflection in George Floyd's position. The purpose of this is to break through the statistical analysis that leads to socially progressive paralysis.

The purpose of this interactive piece is to cut through data and get to the root of the problem of police brutality in America. 
The problem of police brutality in America being the unnecessary loss of humanity in America. Loss of humanity through the killing of unarmed citizens and the use of policies that allow such a brutal practice to be commonplace. The reflection of Floyd intends to bring into light how policies affect people- Hoping to show that until we can see ourselves reflected in everyone affected by policies, police brutality will forever be our reality. This is how the reflection of Floyd fits into the televised Revolution art exhibition purpose. As the reflection of Floyd evokes the necessary emotion to reform our criminal justice system because once you see yourself enjoy the position of George Floyd, you begin to see the need for us to transition away from the police that are focused on the criminalization and brutality to policing focused on the Safety and Security and promotion of a better Humanity.