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Touchstone to Be Measured

Printed Reproduction

Artist Residence: United Kingdom

Size: 11 x 14

From the Artist - What is Black Art

In the preface of Black as Blur, Fred Moten spells out what he attempts to accomplish in his book, the black is not a singular mode of being. “Black art neither sutures nor is sutured to trauma. There’s no remembering, no healing. There is, rather, a perpetual cutting, a constancy of expansive and enfolding rupture and wound, a rewind that tends to exhaust the metaphysic”. Black art is about expansiveness. Black is a color that moves us. It can be used to investigate the multiplicity of blackness as a material to be reshaped and explored, a multiplicity that is simultaneously a color, an idea, an identity, a method, and a political movement. My work is an attempt to Not confine black to one specific categorization, seeking to create potential for arriving at a totally new understanding. What might be possible if we consider black and blackness in a new way?

About the Artist

I am a Bermuda born storyteller based in Manchester UK, using collage as a means to derive meaning from seemingly unrelated things. My work is developed through a process of investigation of my own lived experience and academic research to larger, cultural, historical, political meanings and understandings. Inspired by childhood imaginings, my work investigates memory and nostalgia to create unexpected narratives surrounding identity. Drawing on an Afro futurist perspective, My work centers the Black female body, simultaneously existing within realms of past, present, and future. Diasporic pasts become re-informed by Black futures, where the resulting present is experienced as a living “Artiffacts” and “Alibii”. My work is an exploration of identity as an exploration of material, and social practice. The work suggests that identity should be self-determined and understood, and contextualized through connection with others. My multimedia work reimagines relationships with the body as avatar, social space and the invisible world.